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Bombay Talkies Dance Musical by DanceVersify - Featuring featuring Padmavat...

Buckman Performing Arts Center 60 Perkins Extd Memphis, TN 38116 United States

11 Aug, 2018
11 Aug, 2018

Welcome to an evening of Indian dance spectacles, at DVaKriti 2018 -
DanceVersify Academy's 3rd annual company and student showcase! We will
stage the following dance productions with a cast of 50+ performers, a
plethora of colorful costumes and grand props!

invocation piece using the ancient Indian classical dance styles of
Bharatanatyam and Odissi, with a choreography of Natya (dance) Yoga

HARRY POTTER in MALGUDI DAYS - 1st Half - An unique
rendition of the magical world of Harry Potter, set in a backdrop of the
fictional Indian village of Malgudi, in the medieval times of no
technology. We promise to transcend you to the world of Harry, his
friends and magical creatures, with fun Bollywood music and
choreographies, performed by the DanceVersify Juniors

BOMBAY TALKIES Featuring PADMAVATI - 2nd Half - The
second half of the show will stage the cinematic grandeur of Bollywood,
bringing to life the iconic Indian warrior queen Padmavati and her fight
against the mighty ruler Khilji. Witness the grace of Indian classical,
the energy of Rajasthani folk and the flow of contemporary, performed
by the locally born Indian dance company, the DanceVersify Ensemble.

Witness the colors, diversity, grace and energy of varied Indian
dance forms, from Classical to Bollywood to Folk and more! With a cast
of 50+ performers, this show promises to take you on a cultural tour of
the mystical India!

On Saturday August 11, 2018 at 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM CDT

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